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A Tybee Island Vacation Guide for Kids

Tybee Island is a wonderful destination spot for people looking for a relaxing getaway from everyday life. Offering a wide selection of delicious restaurant options, picturesque beaches and numerous activities for the adventurer in your group, Tybee Island is a must. 

If you are planning a family vacation and are looking for a spot that will have the kids entertained day in and day out, Tybee Island is a wonderful choice. The island is small and easily navigable, offering many different options for kids to be entertained. From the street performers on the Tybee pier to bicycle rentals and beach games, you will find all the information you need for your kid-friendly vacation in this Tybee Island vacation guide. 

One of the main attractions for kids and adults alike on Tybee Beach is, well, the beach. A picturesque town with numerous beaches strewn around the island, Tybee Island offers a wide variety of fun activities your kids will love. 

Perhaps the biggest selling point for Tybee Island when it comes to the spot to go for family vacations is that it is safe. Beyond being a destination spot that will actually allow you to kick back and relax while your kids romp along the ocean, Tybee Island is home to numerous kid-friendly restaurants, opportunities for tours, and a handful of interesting educational destinations. 

Take a deeper look at our kid-friendly Tybee Island vacation guide for more information on what you can expect when visiting the island this year. 

Beach-side Activities 

Tybee Island boasts a large pier that is a popular point of activity on Tybee. If you happen to be visiting the island when one of the major events (such as the 4th of July or Labor Day) on the island are taking place, this is where you will want to be. 

During the days you can hang on the easily accessible beaches and try your hand at all sorts of activities, including flying kites, Frisbee toss or sand castle building. The ocean is right at your fingertips and also offers plenty of fun for the whole family. Rent kayaks or canoes from one of the local outfits and peruse the waters at your leisure, try your hand at surfing or bring your own body board and have some fun in the warm waters. 

Beyond the Beach-side 

Beyond the beach you will also find tons of activities your kids will love. There are numerous educational things to do, including the Tybee Island Museum, the Fort Pulaski National Monument, and the Tybee Lighthouse. You should also be sure to check out the Tybee Island Marine Science Center, which will give you and your kids a short lesson on the local wildlife and marine creatures. 

You can also rent bikes and explore Tybee Island on your own. The island is easily navigable and there are plenty of safe roads and bike trails the whole family will love. Plan a great day by packing a picnic and heading out for a sunset ride, or enjoy lunch across the island after an exciting ride. 

Tybee Island is a wonderful vacation spot for adults and kids. The easy-going atmosphere, great restaurants, breathtaking views, abundance of outdoor activities and overall liveliness makes the island a must-visit for people of all ages. 

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