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Treasure Hunts and Blackbeard’s Ship at the Tybee Island Pirate Fest

Avast, me hearties! If you’re looking for a weekend of fun then the Tybee Island Pirate Fest is the place to be. The island returns to its roots and is transformed into a pirate village during the Columbus Day Weekend in October. 

This annual pirate-themed event promises a “whale of a time” for all ages. Why not join in the spirit of the Pirate Festival and come appropriately dressed in big boots, a stripy T-shirt, a pirate’s hat and the obligatory parrot and eye-patch! 

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Labor Day Beach Bash: One of the Best Tybee Island Tourist Attractions

A fun event that brings local people and vacationers alike for a memorable evening, this Tybee Island tourist attraction is one that will have you booking your vacation for Labor Day weekend year after year.

The annual Tybee Island Labor Day Beach Bash is an event people flock to every year, and for good reason. Taking place August 31st, island-goers can expect to experience live entertainment and fireworks that can be seen on any of Tybee’s many beaches.

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Party on the beach

Tybee Island in the Summer: Why It’s a Must to Visit

Tybee Island is perhaps one of the South’s best-kept secrets, as it is a beautiful, picturesque island that offers a relaxing atmosphere and incredible wildlife sightings. Often overshadowed by its more popular island neighbors, Tybee Island is the ideal spot if you are looking for a beach vacation without all the hustle and bustle of the more touristy islands. 

Whether you are planning a family vacation, a romantic getaway or a fun weekend with friends, Tybee Island is sure to win you over. The Island boasts incredible white sandy beaches, opportunities to charter fishing adventures, kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, golfing, shopping, dining, a day at the spa and more. You are sure to find something for everyone during your stay. 

A wonderful spot to visit year-round, spending a summer on Tybee Island is a wonderful option if you are looking to get away from city life. With average temperatures in the mid-70s to low 80s, Tybee Island offers the perfect climate for a memorable summer vacation. With an abundance of outdoor activities, fascinating museums and historical structures and wildlife at every corner, Tybee Island is a one-stop shop for a summer getaway. 

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The Tybee Art Show and Sale Boosts Tybee Island Tourism

Whenever you head to Tybee Island, there always seem to be something interesting going in. Many of the annual shows, events and entertainment is put on by the Tybee Arts Association in conjunction with Tybee Island Tourism Council. For art lovers, one of the highlights of the calendar is the Tybee Arts Association Show and Sale which takes place on several weekends throughout the year. 

What to See at the Tybee Art Show and Sale 

The Tybee Island Art Show and Sale is one of the key events for Tybee Island tourism. This popular event attracts thousands of visitors over a three-day weekend. 

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Two Boys Squirting Water Pistols

Tybee Visitors, Prepare for a Soaking at the Island’s Beach Bum

May is the month to visit Tybee Island if you want to join in a giant water fight! This free fun event includes a lively parade through the streets. Arm yourself with plenty of water, bazookas, shooters, squirt guns and other water-throwing equipment and make sure you give those parade float riders as good a soaking as they dish out! 

The History of the Tybee Island Beach Bum Parade 

Known as Savannah’s beach, Tybee Island attracts families and visitors of all ages to its sandy beaches and quaint town. However, mid-May is the most popular time for those families and Tybee visitors who have the Beach Bum Parade marked on their calendars from one year to the next. Come hell or high water, they wouldn’t miss the event for anything. 

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Beach House

Visit Georgia in June for the Tybee Island Tour of Homes

One of the highlights of the social calendar on Tybee Island is the annual Tybee Island Tour of Homes. Held on the first Saturday in June (June 7, 2014) this event is well supported by locals and attracts many visitors to the island for a short break. 

Plans are already underway to make the 17th annual tour of homes in 2014 better than ever! Nine local homeowners are opening the doors of their private homes in aid of charity. 

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Take a Trip to Tybee Island for Your Next Fun Family Vacation

Tybee Island is conveniently located just 20 minutes from Savannah and a wonderful spot for fun family vacations everyone will love. Spanning just 2.7 square miles, Tybee Island is packed full of attractions, options for outdoor adventure, long stretches of beach and entertainment for all ages. It is easy get to navigate (try renting bikes) and there are many great things to do that will keep you occupied day in and day out. Whether your family is looking for a bit of a history lesson or to explore the Island’s natural wet lands, ocean and wildlife, you won’t be disappointed. 

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A Tybee Island Vacation Guide for Kids

Tybee Island is a wonderful destination spot for people looking for a relaxing getaway from everyday life. Offering a wide selection of delicious restaurant options, picturesque beaches and numerous activities for the adventurer in your group, Tybee Island is a must. 

If you are planning a family vacation and are looking for a spot that will have the kids entertained day in and day out, Tybee Island is a wonderful choice. The island is small and easily navigable, offering many different options for kids to be entertained. From the street performers on the Tybee pier to bicycle rentals and beach games, you will find all the information you need for your kid-friendly vacation in this Tybee Island vacation guide. 

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Tybee Island Vacations are Perfect for Families

Tybee Island GA is a gorgeous family-oriented barrier island. It is within easy reach of Savannah Airport and the I-95, so getting to and from Savannah to Tybee Island is no problem. 

Once you’re settled into your vacation home here, you’ll find there’s plenty of things to see and do for families of all ages. 

The Best Time to Plan a Family Vacation on Tybee Island

 Tybee Island’s location ensures refreshing summer breezes and mild winter temperatures, making it a beautiful place for a family beach vacation year-round. 

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The Top Three Reasons to take a Family Vacation on Tybee Island

Tybee Island is a wonderful place to take a family vacation in Georgia for many different reasons. Located just 20 minutes from Savannah, Tybee Island offers a great mix of adventure, family-friendly restaurants, beautiful beaches and many other activities everyone will love. 

A historic town that spans less than three square miles, Tybee Island is one of the South’s best kept secrets. From bike rentals to guided kayak tours and beaches perfect for building sand castles, Tybee Island is a must for your next family vacation. Because of its close proximity to Savannah, Tybee Island is quickly becoming a favorite spot for family vacations in Georgia. However, the island (once referred to as “Savannah’s Beach”) is relatively unknown to many outside of the area, making it a great place to run off to for a few days or weeks. 

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