Swing by the sea

The Best Times of the Year for Tybee Island Vacations

Tybee Island GA has something to offer visitors at almost any time of year. Summer, with its fresh sea breezes, is popular for families looking to hit the beach and escape the heat and humidity. Spring and fall offer gorgeous sunny days and balmy evenings. Even winter has its benefits with mild, frost-free nights and stormy seas for bracing beach walks. 

Outside the peak months of June through September, prices are generally lower for flights and accommodations. The stunning sandy beaches of Tybee Island are quieter outside school holidays and there are fewer lines for popular seafood restaurants and local attractions. 

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Black Skimmer (Rynchops niger)

A Nature and Animal Lover’s Dream: Wildlife on Tybee Island

Tybee Island is a picturesque, welcoming island just 20 minutes from Savannah that boasts some of the most incredible wildlife in the area. It is a fantastic destination spot for nature lovers, offering coastal salt marches, beaches with natural, protected dunes and subtropical forests that are full of beautiful oak, pine and palm trees. 

Known for its incredible bird-watching, Tybee Island visitors will find there is no shortage of unique, native wild and birdlife everywhere. The Tybee Island National Wildlife Refuge, established since 1938, is an impressive 100-acre area that is home to numerous native species, including waterfowl, crustaceans and marine reptiles. The refuge is a must-see for all Tybee Island visitors. 

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Tybee Island Destination Weddings

The Top Three Reasons to Get Married on Tybee Island

Planning a wedding can be many things: stressful, exhilarating, exciting and a headache. Perhaps one of the most difficult parts is deciding where to have it. Since you are undoubtedly looking for a destination that will be representative of you and your spouse, yet also serve as a wonderful, picturesque spot to celebrate your love with your closest friends and family, it is no wonder why finding the perfect spot can be a chore. That’s why if you are looking for somewhere that is both full of southern charm, a welcoming atmosphere and breathtaking ocean views, look no further than Tybee Island. 

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Kayaker surfing on a wave

Tybee Island Tourism: The Annual Tybee Island Sea Kayak Races

If you love adventure and are thinking about travelling to Tybee Island in the upcoming months, you should consider planning your vacation around the annual Tybee Island Sea Kayak Races. 

Taking place on Saturday September 13th, the races are one of the most exciting aspects of Tybee Island tourism in the entire year. Whether you are interested in participating or just want to stand back and watch the fun, the Sea Kayak Races will give you a true taste of Tybee Island, its community and the adventurous nature that makes this small island a favorite place to travel to. 

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Tybee Island light house at sunset

Spending Labor Day on Tybee Island is a Great Weekend Vacation Idea

Labor Day weekend is one of the most popular weekends of the year to skip town, relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life before going back to school or work. Whether you live in Savannah GA or are just looking for a coastal spot to put your feet up and relax for a long weekend, Tybee Island is the place to be. 

Located just 20 minutes from Savannah, Tybee Island is as beautiful as it is entertaining and relaxing. There are numerous restaurants that perfectly showcase the mouth-watering southern fare the area is known for, picturesque beaches, a popular pier, and sunsets you will remember for a lifetime.

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Bottlenosed Dolphin Leaping

Dolphin Tours are a Highlight of Tybee Island Tourism

Tybee Island is a popular destination for eco-tourists and nature lovers with its wetlands and estuary, providing excellent birdwatching and wildlife spotting sights. One of the most popular Tybee Island tourist activities for everyone visiting is dolphin watching. See these lively mammals swimming just offshore and watch them jumping and playing in the wake of boats. 

The best way to get up-close and have your own exciting dolphin encounter is on one of the Tybee Island dolphin tours. There are several companies that offer eco-tours including dolphin watching around Tybee Island. The creeks and rivers along Georgia’s east coast including the Savannah River estuary are full of plants, fish and shrimp along with families of dolphins. 

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Carnival Big Ferris Wheel

Celebrate Autumn at these Festivals on your Tybee Island Vacation

After the heat of summer, Tybee Island is still a beautiful destination for a fall vacation. Once the hordes of summer visitors and families have departed, the island’s residents host a number of festivals and events. 

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The History of Tybee Island Lighthouse

One of the main landmarks and tourist attractions on Tybee Island is the black and white lighthouse. Now beautifully renovated along with its keepers’ cottages, the 5-acre site is managed by lighthouse keeper Cullen Chambers and his team. 

There has been a lighthouse at Tybee Island for over 270 years; however, it has been rebuilt four times throughout its history. 

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Why You Should Honeymoon on Tybee Island

If you are getting married soon and need to find the perfect spot for a honeymoon vacation, there is no better place than Tybee Island. Located just 20 minutes from Savannah, this island offers the perfect combination of intimacy and adventure. 

Boasting some of the most incredible sunsets and views in the South, Tybee Island is a well-kept secret that would make for the perfect getaway. Not only is it an accessible option that won’t cost you an arm and leg to travel to, but also it features a wide range of incredible restaurants and bars, as well as plenty to keep you busy during the days. The picturesque beaches can be found throughout all 2.7 miles of Tybee Island, giving you endless options for lounging on the beach and basking in married life!

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Historical Facts about Tybee Island, Georgia

20 miles east of the historic city of Savannah lies Tybee Island, the easternmost point in Georgia. This barrier island is best known for its sandy beaches, historic Tybee Island lighthouse (the oldest and tallest in Georgia) and Civil War attractions. 

Early Settlers on Tybee Island 

The first Tybee Island residents were undoubtedly the Euchee tribe of Native Americans. They hunted and fished in the quiet estuarine waterways from their simple dugout canoes and camped on the shores of this coastal island for thousands of years. They named the island “Tybee”, which means “salt” in the Euchee language.

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